Beverly Public Schools

Mentoring Program for the Beverly Public Schools

Goals of our Mentoring Program:

  • To provide support and resources to incoming teachers to the Beverly Public Schools
  • To help facilitate a seamless transition into the public school environment and the community of Beverly

The Mentoring Program for the Beverly Public Schools is a program that continually evolves to fit the needs of each professional entering our district.  Teachers who are entering the profession are provided with a first year induction program and a building based mentor fulfilling the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education requirements.  The Mentoring Program provides a professional learning community and utilizes workshops in order to support and to provide resources both district-wide and at the building level.

The DESE requires teachers to participate in fifty hours of  mentoring beyond the induction program in order to be eligible for a professional license.  Our first and second year cohort model will provide teachers with the opportunities to learn and grow to complete these conditions.