The effective implementation and delivery of instruction for students requires on-going professional development. The district provides a variety of professional development opportunities for new and veteran staff during the school year and during the summer. The office of the Assistant Superintendent oversees the development and implementation of professional development opportunities.

Professional Days
The district provides three full-day professional development days during the year for teachers and other district staff to participate in high quality professional development. The focus of these days is to provide teachers with support with new curricula implementations and district-wide initiatives.

Teacher Induction Programs
The Beverly Public Schools is committed to the hiring and retention of highly qualified teachers. It is well known that teachers need the most support during the first few years of their employment. The district provides two years of mentoring for newly hired teachers. The first year of mentoring focuses on working with new teachers to provide support with getting to know district programs, policies, and procedures. New teachers attend networking meetings where they get feedback and support on issues related to classroom instruction. The second year of mentoring focuses on the work of fine tuning classroom instruction using the concepts of the Skillful Teacher. All newly hired teachers attend an orientation meeting before school starts.

Summer Institute
The Assistant Superintendent in collaboration with other district curriculum leaders creates and implements a summer program of professional development that is available to Beverly Public School teachers and teachers from surrounding districts. Offerings provide teachers with the opportunities to receive training in researched based programming. Training in technology integration has been an important component to our summer program. These courses are offered for PDP’s and college credit. Teacher from surrounding districts are invited to attend our workshops.

The Collaborative Project for Mathematics, Science and
Interdisciplinary Education (CMPSIE)

CMPSIE is a cooperative venture among schools, colleges, businesses and industries centered on the North Shore. Each year the collaborative offers teachers high quality workshops for PDP’s and college credit. The district pays a yearly fee to belong to the Project and this enables teachers to take part in workshops for a nominal fee.