Curriculum Guides
Curriculum Guides are aligned with the Massachusetts Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks. They focus on the set of standards that students will learn within certain disciplines at appropriate grade levels. Each area of the Frameworks is divided into general strands (broad categories) under which the standards fall. When we speak of “standards-based” classroom instruction, we mean that students are measured against their proficiency of these standards. The MCAS test is the test that assesses how well the students know the standards as outlined by the Department of Education for their grade level.

Curriculum Maps
Curriculum maps are valuable planning tools for teachers, helping them to begin with the end in mind and chart a course for the year. Typically, annual curriculum maps are organized by month or marking period and provide an overview of:

  • the enduring understandings and overarching goals
  • the standards-based essential skills and concepts
  • the methods of assessment that the teacher and students will be working on throughout the year (assignments, projects, performances)
  • the major content resources

Curriculum mapping is a comprehensive way of looking at not only "what" teachers teach, but also "Why?" they are teaching it. An important part of mapping is the identification of the assessment tools that will provide the teacher with the information that what has been taught has been learned by the students.

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