The Role of Technology
Beverly Public Schools recognizes that digital literacy is a fundamental component of the Students with iPads21ST Century skill base we hope to cultivate in our students. And more importantly, creating a generation of students with a strong background in digital literacy will enable the development of other skills necessary for competition in a growing, global marketplace such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, communication, and collaboration. The school district and the City of Beverly should make sure that the faculty, staff and students of the Beverly Public School system have the technology infrastructure and resources needed to develop essentials skills in order to compete, lead and innovate in the future.

Our Vision
We believe strongly that the use of technology must be firmly embedded within 21st century curriculum and instruction. Technology planning must always begin with and be centered around student learning, not what equipment we need.  We need to continually ask ourselves how technology will support learning and how we will know it is having an impact, what will it look like?  Based on the answers to those two questions we can justify and plan for technology resources.  Click on the link below to continue reading our current technology plan which explores answers to those key questions.  2015-2019 Tech plan 11.25.13.pdf

Technology in Our Schools
The district has worked hard to provide technology devices needed to support instruction and at the same time provide professional development opportunities to staff to make best use of technology.  Below is just a snapshot of what technology devices we have in our schools. 

Beverly High School
 sustains a 1 to 1 MacBook laptop program using a lease to own partnership with parents and students.  Click on the link in the left panel for details about this program. Students with Laptops in a classroomWe also maintain laptops loaners or students who, for whatever reason so not participate  in the lease program or bring their own MacBooks to school.  All students have access to a loaner during the schools day if needed.  We use Moodle as our learning management system at BHS. 

Briscoe Middle School is increasing access to mobile devises in anticipation of a new middle schools building in 2018.  Currently there is a mix of desktops, laptops, iPads and Chromebooks in the building.  We are definitely moving toward have devices available in the classrooms instead of the computer lab model. We use Moodle as our learning management system at Briscoe. 

Elementary Schools have recently had a complete upgrade to wireless networks. They also have a mix of desktops, laptops, iPads and Chromebooks.  Here too we are moving toward devices in the classroom and away from computer labs.