Grades K-4 Elementary Curriculum for Social Studies is currently a work in progress as the new standards for Social Studies has recently undergone a revision by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  We have once again partnered with our regional colleagues and will follow a similar process for Humanities as was developed by teachers for the new Science Standards. CDHM teachers began meeting in October of 2018 to create year-long maps around the MA Social Studies Standards.   All units that are developed will be Open Resource Education (OER) material suggestion for implementation. All materials are free to use in districts and classrooms within the Creative Commons license attached to this work. We plan to begin implementation of the new standards and units in September 2019.

In Beverly, these units will be utilized by our teachers in kindergarten through High School. The Beverly curriculum will be aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

While in development, our teachers continue to implement our previous curriculum maps:

Curriculum Map K-4